Hunter Wessells, MD 
Professor and Nelson Chair of the Department 
University of Washington Department of Urology 


Keith Rourke, MD 
Professor, Division of Urology 
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Immediate Past President

Francisco E. Martins, MD 
Consultant Urologist 
University of Lisbon School of Medicine 
Hospital Santa Maria 

Secretary Treasurer

Benjamin Breyer, MD 
Chief of Reconstructive Urology 
University of California, San Francisco 

Ex-Officio and Honorary Board Members

Karl J. Kreder, Jr., MD, MBA
Professor and Department Executive Officer
Rubin H. Flocks Chair
University of Iowa Department of Urology

Jack W. McAninch, MD, FACS
Professor of Urology
University of California-San Francisco

Keith F. Rourke, MD (Fellowship Committee Chair)
Professor, Division of Urology
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB

Board Members

Mark Abalajon, MD
Director, Fellowship Program in Reconstructive Urology
East Avenue Medical Center  

Marta Bizic, MD
Faculty of Medicine
University of Belgrade  

Jessica DeLong, MD
Associate Professor of Urology
Urology of Virginia 

Tamsin Greenwell, MD, MB, ChB, FRCS
University College London Hospital 

Subham Gupta, MD
Associate Professor 
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center 

Judith Hagedorn, MD, M.H.S.
Associate Professor in the Department of Urology
University of Washington School of Medicine  

Lindsay Hampson, MD, MAS
Associate Profession, Urology
UCSF School of Medicine

Adi Kuncoro, MD
Consultant of trauma and reconstructive urology
AMC Hasan Sadikin Hospital-University of Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia 

Dmitriy Nikolavsky, MD
Professor of Urology, Directory of Reconstructive Urology

Jay Simhan, MD, FACS 
Professor of Urology
Fellowship Director
Director, Reconstructive Urology
Fox Chase Cancer Center 

Special Appointment – Chair, Young Urologist Committee

Andrew Cohen, MD
Assistant Professor of Urology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine