Case Western University Genitourinary Reconstruction Series

Robotics in Reconstruction
Lee C. Zhao, MD, MS

Pan Urethral Stricture
Sanjay Balwant Kulkarni, MD

Radiation Rectourethral Fistula Repair with Gracilis and Gluteal Muscle Flaps
Alex J. Vanni, MD, FACS

Bulbar Urethroplasty: To Transect or Not Transect, That is the Question
Keith Rourke, MD

Pubic Symphysis Fistula with Resultant Pubic Bone Osteomyelitis – A Devastating Side Effect of Radiation Therapy with Potential Excellent Outcomes
Andrew C. Peterson, MD, MPH, FACS

Evaluation and Treatment of Posterior Urethral Distraction Defects
Erick Alejandro Ramirez Perez, MD

Reconstruction of Stenosis of the Posterior Urethra After BPH Surgery with Preservation of Continence
Reynaldo G. Gomez, MD, FACS

Urethral Complications After Masculine Genitoplasty
Mang Chen, MD

Transgender Phalloplasty
Nim Christopher, MD

Case Based Trauma Review
Jeremy B. Myers, MD, FACS

Hypospadias in Adulthood
Hadley M. Wood, MD

Complex Male Urinary Incontinence
Jay Simhan, MD, FACS and Patrick Selph, MD

The Fate of Vessel Sparing Urethroplasty – Why, How and When?
Ramon Virasoro, MD