Program Goal

The intent of the Visiting Professor program is outreach to urology residency programs that lack a GURS member or specialist in reconstructive urology – to increase their exposure and interest in the field.

Program Overview

Each year (beginning in 2018) GURS will award a stipend of $1,000 to a urology residency training program in support of a visiting professor who is an Active GURS member.  This payment will be in the form of an unrestricted grant and is intended to help offset the travel or other department costs associated with the visit.  Visiting Professors are expected to actively participate in a number of productive institutional activities.  They may typically:

  • Deliver a formal lecture to the host institution
  • Engage in formal or informal discussions with graduate or postgraduate research students
  • Undertake collaborative research with faculty or staff
  • Present a paper as part of the university’s seminar program
  • participate in conferences and teaching sessions as well as journal clubs

The Visiting Professor will typically visit the host institution for a period of at least one to two (1-2) days, depending on the program, and all arrangements are made by the program with the Visiting Professor.

Program Promotion

The program will be advertised through periodic GURS membership e-communications, direct email messaging to urology training programs, and with a current posting on the GURS website.

Program Application and Selection

Individual programs must apply for the grant to have a GURS member of their choosing to be their Visiting Professor.  Program Directors must submit applications to GURS by April 1.  The GURS Executive Committee will review all applications and notify the recipient no later than May 31.

Candidates for VPs must meet the following requirements:

  1. GURS member in good standing
  2. Academic Urologist with the rank of Associate or Full Professor.  Assistant Professor does not qualify. 
  3. Must be a current or former GURS board member.