Applications Now Open

Annual GURS fellows’ scholarships for reconstructive urology trip to Kigali Rwanda, May 29th – June 5th 2020.
Applications due March 1st.

The GURS Board of Directors is excited to announce the application for scholarships for two GURS fellows for the annual surgical development trip to Kigali, Rwanda. In a cooperative effort with IVUMed, GURS has begun to develop a close relationship with urologists working in Rwanda at several centers in Kigali. This trip started last year (June 2019) and was led by GURS Secretary Dr. Jeremy Myers and Board of Directors member Dr. Hadley Wood. Fellow scholars were Drs. Philip Cheng (University of Utah) and Yooni Yi (University of Texas Southwestern). This year the trip will be led again by Dr. Jeremy Myers and Board of Directors member Dr. Erick Alejandro Ramírez Pérez. An interval trip was just completed in November, led by Dr. Frank Burks.

The trip involves operating at three centers: The King Faisal Hospital, Kigali University Hospital (CHUK), and the Rwanda Military Hospital. Attending Rwandan Urologists at all three sites are involved in screening patients and learning reconstructive urology.  Also in attendance in the OR are Rwandan urology residents and fellows.

The trip offers an unparalleled educational experience in terms of both tough reconstructive cases, as well as learning how to teach in a resource poor environment. The ultimate goal is to continue to foster a close relationship with these centers so that they can learn reconstructive urology and apply their skills for Rwanda.

Scholarships support travel to Rwanda and lodging in Kigali as well as any associated expenses.  You can find the application by following the link: GURS Fellow’s Scholarship Application, Rwanda 2020

Important Dates

Applications are due by March 1st and selected applicants will be notified by March 15th.  Please make sure that your program director will allow the time off for the trip, prior to applying. Qualified applicants are currently enrolled in a GURS verified fellowship.

Documents Needed to Submit Application:

  • Release Form– click to download
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of Current Medical License
  • Letter of recommendation from fellowship program director, including statement indicating you will be able toattend the workshop if selected for a scholarship
  • One Page Personal Statement (including reason(s) for your interest in this scholarship and any health issues)
  • Copy of Current Passport

Interval GURS/IVUMed Trip – November 2019

An interval GURS / IVUMed trip, led by Frank Burks, MD, went to Kigali in November of this last year.  He reported a continued commitment to learning reconstructive urology, particularly focused upon the treatment of urethral strictures and pelvic fracture urethral injury. Accompanying Dr. Burks was Dr. Daniel Stein, and IVUMed scholar Dr. Jillet Han.

Frank Burks reported “the primary site for our trip was Kigali University Hospital (CHUK). CHUK is the largest hospital in the country and the main referral hospital for tertiary care. Two operating rooms and staff were made available for our week-long workshop. An intense week was well planned by the Rwandan surgeons with two to three operations per room per day. A total of 25 cases were performed in 4 and a half days of operating.

Our team worked with many talented residents and staff at CHUK, but the attending most eager to learn was Dr. Emile Rwamasirabo, a young and engaged attending urologist at CHUK. Dr. Rwamasirabo had evaluated each patient and obtained appropriate imaging for the planned procedure.

This year a trip will be co-sponsored by GURS and IVUMed and have a similar format to last year. The trip is scheduled May 29th – June 5th.  Two scholarships are available through GURS and applications are now open. The deadline for applications are March 1st.  Selected applicants will be notified by March 15th.