Communications & Engagement Committee (Ad Hoc).  This committee consists of 3-5 members from the Board or members at large and reports to the Board about GURS engaging in new social media platforms as appropriate or evaluating our involvement in these other platforms, helping to evaluate and create an online Blog within the context of the GURS website, developing innovative material on the GURS website (e.g., online lectures, CME material). 

Fellowship Committee.  The Fellowship Committee shall be appointed by the President, consisting of a Chair who shall serve a three-year term, and four other active members who shall serve for two years. The committee shall define and maintain minimum standards for appropriate training of GURS recognized fellows, including the required minimum case logs to reflect the technical skill set needed to gain proficiency.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee shall consist of the Secretary-Treasurer and up to three (3) Active Members of the Society in good standing. Members of the committee shall be appointed annually. The Membership Committee shall review and approve applications for membership and shall maintain relevant procedures. A cumulative list of new members shall be presented to the Board of Directors and at the Annual Business Meeting. The committee shall also work to identify methods to increase membership and to encourage member participation in Society activities.

Program Committee. The Program Committee shall be appointed by the President, and will consist of a total of six members including:  President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, 1-2 members of the Board and 1-2 GURS member at large (not on the Board).  The committee will be responsible for planning:

  1. AUA scientific session (Held at the AUA – May)
  2. GURS Input to AUA for AUA’s Annual Meeting (typically in July)
  3. GURS annual meeting (fall timeframe)
  4. GURS Session at SIU Meeting (typically in October)
  5. SUFU session
  6. Miscellaneous sessions / visiting lectures that may be requested by other domestic and international society meetings.

Members interested in volunteering on GURS committees should send an email expressing interest to

Thank you to the following members serving on GURS committees:


Communications (Engagement) Committee

Cooper Benson, MD
Jeremy Myers, MD, FACS

Fellowship Committee

Keith Rourke, MD, FRCSC, Chair GURS Fellowship Committee
Jay Simhan, MD, FACS, Chair-Elect, GURS Fellowship Committee
Brian Flynn, MD
Dmitriy Nikolavsky, MD
Hadley Wood, MD

GURS Young Urologist Committee

Andrew Cohen, MD
Elaine Redmond, MD
Daniel Liberman, MD
Uzoma Anele, MD
Brian Inouye, MD

Membership Committee

Ramón Virasoro, MD
Benjamin Breyer, MD

Multi-Institutional Trials Committee

Judith Hagedorn, Chair
Lindsay Hampson
Niels Johnsen
Dmitriy Nikolavsky
Shubham Gupta
Uzoma Anele

Program Planning Committee

Benjamin Breyer, MD, FACS (Secretary/Treasurer)
Hunter Wessells, MD (Past-President)
Keith Rourke, MD, FRCSC (President)
Sean Elliott, MD (President-Elect)
Geolani Dy (EDI)

Women of GURS

Lindsay Hampson, MD, MAS
Elaine Redmond, MD